One Fast Food Joint

Here’s an okay conversation starter, suitable for family and friends over long car rides or during those quiet moments when everyone’s phone is charging. The question is this: if you could only have only ONE fast food joint stay open while the rest of them close, which one would you choose? Which would you keep open?

The rules can be customized. Include all the possible Fast Food places, or just a few. Keep Chick-Fil-A off the list because it’s the Lord’s chicken. Or, keep it on the list. Include those quasi-fast food places like Qdoba or Five Guys… or don’t.

Though it’s not my favorite, I would keep McDonalds open and let the rest close. Here’s why: the food is sometimes palatable yet always dependable (except for those ice cream machines), and they have pretty good coffee for a fast food joint.

If coffee wasn’t a factor (can you imagine such a hellish world?) I would choose Taco Bell. By the way, do NOT drink coffee from Taco Bell.

Now… tell me where we agree and where we disagree. Let’s remember, too, that disagreements aren’t bad. Different points of view make us unique, and it is possible to disagree and still be friends.

For example, Britt chooses to keep Chick-Fil-A open. I, on the other hand, reluctantly stand by the clown, partly because I tend to eat every day, including Sunday.

How about you? Which FF place would you keep open, and why?

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