Jeep, You are Hereby Relieved of Your Duty.

This side was on the ground. There’s a side mirror somewhere near US 131.
That passenger side fender is sticking out a little bit… might need to gently hammer it back into place…
Take a knee, Jeep.

Just a few pics from my crash. There were much worse cars in the lot. Britt and I look at it like this: I’m very fortunate that my injuries weren’t worse. We’re thanking God today.

Friends, every day is a gift. Every relationship you have is with an image bearer of God. Some of these folks hold the highest place of value and priority in life. For me, it’s my Britt and our kids. The idea that they would suddenly be without me is something I don’t like to even consider. Today I’m reminded of how possible it might’ve been.

Thank you, Jesus, that I have a black eye and bumps on my head. And thanks to the people at Jeep who built this thing to withstand a tree and a rollover.

Hug your people. Tell them you love them, again and again. Value your friends. Treat each day as a gift. Treasure every moment. Reach out to a friend randomly and let them know they’re on your mind. Nothing is guaranteed. Life as we know it is not permanent.

Grace… it’s all grace.

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