It’s quite windy today in South Central Michigan. Stuff has no choice but to move with the wind unless it’s nailed down. Trees are swinging sideways, our patio furniture is in the neighbor’s yard. Our patio is in the neighbor’s yard. There are garbage cans from Nebraska sailing through the air, moving at such a speed and trajectory that they probably won’t land until Cleveland. And I’m okay with them landing in Cleveland.

When it’s windy like this, anchors are put to the test. There’s no better way to test a bucket than to pour water into it, and there’s no better way to test every single individual shingle than to move atmosphere 45 miles an hour.

No one knows where the wind comes from and no one knows where it goes. When I was a kid, we thought that the trees made the wind. As they swayed the wind blew. But then you find out later that it’s a chicken or the egg argument. The chicken came first. The wind moved first. The wind blew the chicken and her eggs to Cleveland.

If I had hair, it would be all sideways and crazy. And in Cleveland.

What a test. If it’s not nailed down, it’ll be gone by tonight.

(Do not nail your chickens, eggs or hair down).

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