Office Shark Jump?

I watched with great horror the season opener for NBC’s “The Office” on Thursday. Yes. Horror. You see, I had just spilled some coffee in my lap and the screaming would just not stop.
No, seriously, I was a little disappointed with the opening lip sync. First, let me point out the pros: Number one, it was funny. Secondly, it was exciting and unexpected, which is often the perfect approach when starting something. Third, it kept my attention the whole time. Advertisers love to hear that. So do network executives, even though one, Jeff Zucker, is now leaving.

And I think I know the real reason that Jeff Zucker, NBC executive, is leaving NBC.

It’s because of the shark jump.

Let me now point out what bugged me about the season opener: Number one, it may have been the top, then again, it may have been a little over the top. Secondly, it seemed like a concept episode, like “The SImpsons are going to the Greater Dallas Area!” or “Tonight, on a very special Full House…” Third, and I think most importantly,* it was out of character. While the Office gang likes to have a good time, it just didn’t seem true to the format that the show has established: a mockumentary that looks at first glance like a true documentary, only with strange underpinnings that leak out as you watch. This wasn’t the documented activity of a bunch of melancholy paper business professionals. It was a season opener stunt.

The fact that I’m spilling so much ink over a TV show embarrasses me a little. It exposes my thoughts and proves that I’ve been crock-potting this for a few days. What if I had spent time thinking of something more meaningful, like inventing flavored paste?

Maybe my blog just jumped the shark. Hmm.

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