Occasionally I post something in audio form via RadCast and in video on my Facebook page.  I tweet, I post on medium, and I have been locked out of my FreeServers site for many years because I shut the corresponding email address down in 2002, meaning it cannot go away or even be edited.  Behold: the internet!

If you’re looking for an Audio Book guy, I can read pretty well (for a midwesterner.)  Here’s a demo: .

I’ve written articles appearing online and in print — places like Light & Life Magazine and Worship Leader Magazine.


Besides my full time (and priority) ministry as Lead Pastor in the local church, I occasionally have opportunity to speak and teach.  Over the years I’ve spoken at High School / College chapel services, Family Camps, Retreats, Men’s Ministry Events, Marriage Events (usually along with my wife Emily), Day-Long Prayer Workshops, Worship Ministry Training, and the occasional Organizational Development (OD) consulting.

You can email me at

radamdavidson@gmail.com – or by clicking on this

if you’d like.  Or find me on