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BTTF: I did my part

Like any responsible child of the 80’s, I spent this evening watching the Back to the Future trilogy.  Like a responsible father, I made sure that my offspring — children of the 00’s — were watching with me.  As I write … Continue reading

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Tall People & Swimming

I’ve been thinking about how swimming is kinda “eh…” to me, and I realized why: I never really had to.  As a tall child, I was never foot-far from the bottom of the pool.   I recently saw this firsthand at a … Continue reading

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Why I’m (“not”) getting the Apple Watch

There’s an article out today that says the über expensive Apple watch is surprisingly cheap to manufacture.  Even at an estimated cost of only $84 per manufactured unit, I think Apple is doing exactly what we have come to expect them to do, … Continue reading

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I Had No Idea

… that I was being indoctrinated on a playground.  I saw this link to an article about Cold War playgrounds and gave it the ol’ clicky cloo.  Somewhere in Livonia, Michigan (not Russia) was a playground visited by yours truly.  I distinctly … Continue reading

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LinkFest 5 – Tools For Productivity and Pointlessness is a list-bot that helps you keep track of your goals…everything from losing weight to “be perfect” (a top goal of its thousands of registered users). What makes 43things useful is the fact that you can tell it to … Continue reading

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Linkfest 4 – Everybody’s Workin’ for the Weekend

Check out USA Today’s story on America’s RQ (Religion Quotient). It turns out that 50% of High School Seniors polled believe that Sodom and Gomorrah… were married. Hmm… it just got awkward. How much should I weigh? Find out here … Continue reading

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Linkfest 2 – For Planners, Leaders, Bored among us…

Linkfest. Celebrating what’s there. Planning Center Online is a web-based service planner that we’re currently experimenting with. Anything to get away from Microsoft Word based Worship orders. So far it’s working pretty well. We’ll see what it looks like when … Continue reading

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