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I can’t begin to tell you how badly I wanted to wake my kids up, fill them with bacon and eggs, and push them out the door to school this morning. No, not because they’re driving me bonkers, but because … Continue reading

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Quartz Rocks

Our 10 year old son is suddenly interested in precious metals. It began with a can of spray paint and some blocks of wood.  He noticed some pieces of two-by-four that were about the same size as gold bricks.  “Where has your … Continue reading

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This year, I resolve to be sure to keep my resolutions.  So far it’s going pretty good.  I ate a BUNCH of Monkey Bread and topped it off with some Asian Fusion, delivered to our house and so devious in … Continue reading

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New Year’s Day (Observed)

Two items of note: 1) Today is New Year’s Day [Observed] 2) Our Atomic Clock is suddenly 10 minutes slow Because New Year’s Day fell on a Sunday, which we all agree isn’t a real day, its observance was transferred … Continue reading

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The Consequence of Paying Attention is Wisdom.

I started running church sound at a young age.  Back then we ran everything in the Sunday worship service through an Electro Voice 16 channel audio board, model BK-1642.  Each fader controlled the volume of each individual mic and sound … Continue reading

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Monday WebLog

I woke up this morning a full thirty minutes before my alarm went off and made the mistake of going back to sleep.  At that point, my body usually does one of two things: I either can’t quite fall back … Continue reading

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Fear Factor

I’ve had the same conversation three different times with three different people in the last 24 hours: our culture is scared out of its mind, and there’s not much sign that things will soon improve.  We’re afraid of terrorists, yet … Continue reading

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Snow Day ($1.91)

  This snowy morning I was reminded of how important it is to be specific when you say to your children “please go out and clean the snow off the cars.”  I should have added: “and please do not to … Continue reading

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