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Support Your Local Bookstore

I’m not sure if you read the news or not, but Amazon just opened an actual brick and mortar bookstore.  I don’t mean Amazon (the River) or Amazon (the Marvel Supervillain).  I mean Amazon (the online retailer that some people … Continue reading

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New (Old) Author: Clovis G. Chappell

Someone gifted me with two books published in the 1930’s, both by Clovis G. Chappell. First of all, what a great name. Second of all, great books so far. I’m still working through his book on The Lord’s Prayer — … Continue reading

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New Format; New Books

Trying to make things easier to read on the ol’ blog. Last format left me feeling a bit bland, like french fries without ketchup. Like Letterman without Schaffer. Like computing without a Mac. I picked up a few books today … Continue reading

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It’s called Recalling the hope of glory : biblical worship from the garden to the new creation by Allen P. Ross. A few months ago I was praying — asking God to deepen my heart in the area of Worship. … Continue reading

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From time to time, I’ll post a little diddy about a book I’m reading (not Jack and Diane). It won’t be the whole book but rather a BookSlice, kind of like when someone offers you a whole pizza (I’m thinking … Continue reading

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