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When I'm not blogging, I'm hanging out with my family, pastoring a church, or listening to vinyl. I think and write about Jesus, music, communication, organizational leadership, family whatnot, and cultural artifacts from the 1980's -- mostly vintage boomboxes. You can read my blog at, watch [RadCast], a daily 3 minute video devotional, or find me on socials (@radamdavidson). I also help Pastors in their preaching and public speaking (

[RadCast] Spiritual Hunger:::

God “satisfies the thirsty and fills the hungry with good things” says the Psalmist (107). The question is not whether He’s got food, but rather if we’re eating/drinking the right stuff. Psalm 107:1-9

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[RadCast] Fixing Spiritual Weakness :::

All of us have experienced exhaustion beyond reason. It’s not our mind, not our bodies, but our souls that get tired. What do we do? Psalm 105:1-4 spells it out. The idea is to get our attention off of ourselves… … Continue reading

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What Your Pastor (not just me) Is Thinking

In 2002, I visited a far away Seminary to see if it was the right next educational step for me.  It wasn’t, but that’s ok (and another post). I keep recalling a slice of memory from the seminary campus tour.  … Continue reading

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[RadCast] Lament as a first step toward joy :::

What if God isn’t calling us to distraction but rather lament, where we pray what we actually feel and think? What if that journey into our internal darkness, with Jesus, is the first step to genuine joy? Consider the words … Continue reading

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[RadCast] Press On :::

I’ll tell ya one thing that’s not unknown, stuck, or in frenzied panic right now — the fact that Jesus is still leading and still calling us to press on. We’ve got so many questions and unknowns, but Jesus is … Continue reading

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Lexi’s Sweet 16

When I was about to turn 16, I believed with my whole heart that I would get a car for my birthday. I imagined a communal effort. If all my aunts and uncles, parents, grandparents, the neighbors, and the guy … Continue reading

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[RadCast] disappointment is built in to discipleship :::

What do we do when God has failed us? Or, put more truthfully, when God hasn’t met our expectations? We look back and remember who He is, regardless of our circumstance. (Psalm 77:1-14)

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[RadCast] Keeping the Name of God Near (Psalm 75:1) :::

Remember what He’s done, remember He’s with you, and live with the Name of God near.

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On Grant Imahara

I was sad to hear of Grant Imahara’s passing. Grant was perhaps best known for his work on Mythbusters as a master builder, brilliant engineer, and all around joyful guy. Social media is full of touching tributes and great stories … Continue reading

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[RadCast] Realizing God’s Presence (Genesis 28:12-18a)

Jacob heard God in a dream. When he wakes up, Jake’s reaction isn’t excitement for the promise or peace for the future, but rather the realization that God was with him. What more do we need? He is Emmanuel. May … Continue reading

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