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Music Education and Ben Folds

Ben Folds was co-host with Hoda on the Hoda and Kathy Lee show on NBC last week. He just tweeted a video highlight where he’s talking about losing music education in the schools, yet the culture is home to more … Continue reading

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Album Review: Ben Folds / Nick Hornby –

Lonely Avenue is the latest album from Folds, thanks to the lyrics of Nick Hornby. Folds and Hornby collaborated to come up with 11 songs and four short stories, with words by Nick and music by Ben — Hornby and … Continue reading

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Ben Folds LiveBlog

Missy Higgins opening the night. Very cool. Emily says “who is this? I like her!”.

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Ben Folds Live in Detroit

Awesome day for a show at The Fillmore in Dee-troot (Detroit) MI. Because of Baby Davidson #3, who is still in utero, they put us in handicapped seating, which means we’re sitting on main floor next to the tech booth. … Continue reading

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Folds With Mac

Ben Folds is a musician I particularly enjoy. I’ve written about him before. Folds is a gifted pianist, putting the thing back where it belongs as the best of all instruments in terms of flexibility. The Piano Forte it’s called, … Continue reading

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Give Me My… NickelBack

I’m looking forward to watching the Lions on Thanksgiving, which is something I didn’t think I’d ever say. A bunch of people are expressing their displeasure, not with the Lions, but with the band Nickelback, scheduled for the halftime show. … Continue reading

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Chicago Concert, yet it was in East Lansing

Emily and I just caught Chicago (motto: 219 years of great music) at MSU in East Lansing. Great show! I didn’t realize until now that Chicago doesn’t really have any Christmas music in their collection, which explains why they didn’t … Continue reading

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’07 is already one week old. What are you doing to keep growing spiritually? If you’re like me (and I know I am), it’s easy to get intimidated by the managerie of disciplines, strategies and 3-point sermons (sans poem). I’ve … Continue reading

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