Carter’s Adoption (Update 1)

(From Brittany):

I just wanted to give an update on trial today. Unfortunately, things didn’t go as planned. Because this is the first time all lawyers involved have handled a case like this, there are some procedural things we have to be careful with so Carter’s bio mom can’t appeal the ruling. The law really caters to foster parents and step parents adopting. Technically, when Shawn died, by legal definition I was no longer Shawn’s wife or Carter’s step mom. I became his legal guardian. When a legal guardian wants to have bio parents rights terminated you have to prove there has been NO support or contact for two years. Carter’s bio mom has had not contacted or supported him for over a decade, but when Shawn died the timeline started over when I was given emergency guardianship and started over AGAIN when I was grated full guardianship on March 19, 2021. Yes, bio mom’s lawyer wants to dicker and deal over being13 days early. That’s fine. We WON’T stop fighting. Court was adjourned until April 24th, well within a for sure two year timeline. I have confidence that the judge will hear our case and rule in our favor. THANK YOU ALL for continuing to pray! It’s been a long road, and watching the life drain out of my kids face today was just hard. We’ve been waiting for this for so long. Carter told me he worries every day — if I died suddenly, how would Adam be able to keep him with his brothers? No kid should ever have to carry that burden. Stay tuned! I will keep you updated as we move forward. We are believing by June 1 that rights will be terminated and his adoption will be finalized!

We did it once — we can do it again! -rad

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