Happy Birthday Brittany!

It was for sure a Thursday, probably overcast and 35 degrees — a typical winter day in Michigan. Paula Abdul’s “Straight Up” was #1 on the charts, George H.W. Bush was president, and nearly 139 Million other babies were born the same day worldwide. The number one name for a baby girl in the US that day? Jessica.

Her name is not Jessica. It’s Brittany. And it’s her birthday.

You may know her as Britt or Bri or Aunt B or Corporal. I know her as wife, best friend, and mother to our kids.

Brittany would be the first to tell you that her name is a clear sign that she was born in a certain era. Brittany is #3 on the top names for her year, which I won’t tell you because it makes me feel old. I’ll just say it was 12,418 days ago and leave it at that.

What can you do in 12K days? Oh I dunno start working young join the army go to college go to grad school flip a bunch of houses start a career get married adopt a kid flip another house or two have a kid experience grief and grow flip another house get married get more kids end up with a cat get a dog successfully execute whatever she sets her mind to save the day help people bless the world serve others love Jesus AND be gorgeous the whole time.

She’s the type who can swing a hammer with perfect girly nails. She’s bougie but can beat the crap out of you. She’s tough but tender, sassy but sweet, driven yet generous. Oh, and savvy enough to have already snagged more than a few birthday freebies — coffee, cheeseburgers, etc. — which, by the way, she gave to people in her family.

I’ve never known another like her. I’m honored to be her husband, and I want to make a big deal about her today because she does that for everyone around her, every single day. Today is her day, and I need you to help me celebrate Brittany.

Listen, I still can’t figure this whole thing out. All I know is that I asked her, she said yes, and it’s been sheer adventure every day with this birthday girl whom I adore. She shines. I cherish Brittany. I love her in ways I didn’t know possible. I’m so glad it’s her birthday.

Yeah, it was probably cloudy the day she was born, just like I see it’s cloudy now. But she shines bright.

Happy Birthday, Brittany.
I love you.

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