Vacation To/From

Brittany and I spent the weekend at a nice place we had a gift certificate for, thanks to the generous folks at Renovation Church. It truly was a vacation to the banks of the Grand River, the log highway of the 1800s. One time, a bunch of logs got jammed at a low spot in the river. It eventually loosened and flowed again, violently destroying everything in its tsunami-like wake, including a few bridges. It was only a few years later that we ran out of trees and industry moved into its next epoch.

We took a vacation to Grand Rapids, not far from home. More importantly, we took a vacation from our day to day grind. Five kids, a couple of businesses, and a house that we fight to keep clean. Instead of the typical circus of light chaos that Britt and I maintain, it’s been lots of watching TV and eating overpriced food in bed. These are things we don’t normally do, and it’s wonderful — to go to a place by getting away from a place.

This is us becoming better parents by giving our parenting muscles a break.

This is us becoming a stronger married couple by enjoying each other without hearing Mom? or Dad?

As we spent time away, we’re ready (mostly) to be there again, fully engaged.

There’s a reason Jesus called his disciples away. Even he needed a break — and certainly knows we need breaks, too. We’re being active by actively doing nothing in his presence.

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