Zac asked “how’s Covid treatin’ ya?” and I said “like I’m it’s punching bag.” Thankfully Zac is at Nana’s house, 106 miles away, which keeps him isolated from our family’s 50% infection rate. Those of us who have succumbed to the viral load are laying low and making the best of it. For the sake of optimism, and in the practice of being continually thankful, here are three bright spots to having this disease… again.

  1. The fever dreams are awesome. I didn’t know that Covid=creativity. I’ve never dreamed of eating food via a mid-torso drawer rather than using our mouth. Yeah, it’s a weird dream, but it kind of makes sense: how do we eat and talk with the same hole? Also, it should be noted that I am still running a fever as I write this.
  2. Cam (5) can eat anything. “Can I have a popsicle?” is followed by “just eat whatever you want…” — a sure sign of parenting while sick. The rules go out the window with Covid. We’re in survival mode.
  3. We’re forced to slow down. I have a list of 17 things that need to get done in the next 72 hours, but guess what… you can’t use your limbs if you can’t feel your limbs. Take that, progress!

We are like many who had the disease, celebrated thanksgiving, had it again, went to Disney, had it again, went to a family reunion, had it again. It’s the circle of life, and it moves us all.

And now, off to give Cam another sucker while I hack up a lung.

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