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[RadCast] Lament as a first step toward joy :::

What if God isn’t calling us to distraction but rather lament, where we pray what we actually feel and think? What if that journey into our internal darkness, with Jesus, is the first step to genuine joy? Consider the words … Continue reading

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[RadCast] Press On :::

I’ll tell ya one thing that’s not unknown, stuck, or in frenzied panic right now — the fact that Jesus is still leading and still calling us to press on. We’ve got so many questions and unknowns, but Jesus is … Continue reading

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[RadCast] disappointment is built in to discipleship :::

What do we do when God has failed us? Or, put more truthfully, when God hasn’t met our expectations? We look back and remember who He is, regardless of our circumstance. (Psalm 77:1-14)

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[RadCast] Keeping the Name of God Near (Psalm 75:1) :::

Remember what He’s done, remember He’s with you, and live with the Name of God near.

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On Grant Imahara

I was sad to hear of Grant Imahara’s passing. Grant was perhaps best known for his work on Mythbusters as a master builder, brilliant engineer, and all around joyful guy. Social media is full of touching tributes and great stories … Continue reading

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[RadCast] Realizing God’s Presence (Genesis 28:12-18a)

Jacob heard God in a dream. When he wakes up, Jake’s reaction isn’t excitement for the promise or peace for the future, but rather the realization that God was with him. What more do we need? He is Emmanuel. May … Continue reading

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On Face Masks

A sentence in a recent Wall Street Journal opinion piece regarding re-opening school says it all: “The evidence is still emerging, and credible studies can be marshaled to support both more and less caution.”  This might be the most insightful … Continue reading

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On Teachers

It’s a good thing I had Gordon Parrington for 10th grade Biology at John Glenn High School. Mr. Parrington was the first teacher I had who said something that, at the time, sounded downright scandalous: it was okay to get … Continue reading

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Your Internet Prayer

Well… where to begin? Context helps, so here’s some: we’re in the middle of an escalating pandemic. We’re finally dealing with our deep issues of racism and injustice toward people of different skin tones. We’re watching the world economy do … Continue reading

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