An accomplished professional broadcaster, a true veteran of the craft, Regis Philbin has died. The news came moments ago of this suddenly gone 88 year old who always carried himself like a plucky juvenile high on the joys of life.

People my age know this guy because we used to watch TV. Barnes and I watched Regis on the Regis and Kathie Lee/Kelli show every day we were in the studio wrapping up the morning show at And Darrell Hammond’s impression of Reg on SNL was spot on, never striking me as cruel or insensitive — more of a loving homage to an all around good guy.

My favorite Regis moments, however, came from his times with the acerbic but genius Letterman. Dave was like a grumpy older brother putting up with an annoying little fella in a shiny suit. Regis pressed on, dissuaded by the irritation emanating from behind the host’s desk. Brilliant, genuine comedy chemistry that rivaled that of Martin & Lewis, Tim & Eric, and Key & Peele. And Dave and Regis weren’t even an official comedy duo.

A bummer of a loss to the world of broadcasting. Every day is a gift of grace. We must remain thankful and make the most of each moment we’re given.

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