Trinity Sunday & Unity

TrinitySunday is a solid day to talk about reconciliation. A community of three creates a world and a community of two in Adam&Eve. Community3 is re-creating by bringing about the Kingdom! Racism/ethnocentrism find their root in Community2. BUT Community3 rescues and heals community. Our community needs healing — big time.

Jurgen Moltmann writes about the strange absence of God during the holocaust. Where was God? “On the cross of their suffering…” God, the Crucified One, suffers as well.

Where was God when George Floyd couldn’t breathe? Where was God when people say (rightly so) “we’ve had enough!” He was, to quote Moltmann, “On the cross of their suffering.”

In their book “The Trinity”, Roger Olson &Chris Hall write that “God had to suffer the loss of community within himself in order to absorb and heal all the brokenness of community in his world.” Profound and true. Does that apply to the brokenness of our world today? You bet.

It’s not a question of where God is. But perhaps a more fair and accurate question is this: where’s the church? I say this as a church leader who has not been as responsible with reconciliation (2 Corinthians 13:11) as I should have been. For this I lament.

Church: Lament! Confess! Tear down walls! Seek Forgiveness! Forgive! Take steps to actively pursue restoration. Have hard conversations with others. Parents, teach your kids to be anti-racist. Pray for our brothers and sisters who have experienced such oppression. Listen.

Listen. Listen. Listen. Stop pushing back by saying All Lives Matter. Listen. Stop justifying systemic racism. Listen. Listen. Come to terms with your own stuff (pursue reconciliation). Listen. Remember that old tune “Open the Eyes of My Heart”? What if we applied that here & now!?!

What if Trinity Sunday 2020 marked a turning point in predominately white churches? What if the church suddenly stepped up with the voice of reconciliation we were given at Pentecost? We claim to be people of Father/Son/Spirit. Any disunity among us can’t be ignored. Help, Lord!

Be Christocentric (Christ Centered) not Ethnocentric (people-group centered). Remember the Trinity, a perfect community, has the power to heal an imperfect community. Why? Because of the Grace of Jesus, the Love of the Father, and the Fellowship of the Holy Spirit (2 Cor 13:14).

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