Worry Is Like…

Most of these thoughts still hold true, even though I still worry sometimes. Maybe less, but still…

(R) Adam Davidson

Worry is like sitting at a red light.  The engine is running, the gas is guzzled, but you don’t get any farther ahead.

Worry is like watching an infomercial.  You know it’s a waste of time, yet you’re entertained by the tenacity of it all.

Worry is like reading a book you don’t like.  There has to be a better book out there, but the binding has become too familiar to toss it aside.

Worry is like eating at Taco Bell. You know you shouldn’t, and you know you’ll regret it, but you’ve been convinced by an imposter Cinco De Mayo spirit that it’ll be ok.

Worry is a waste of energy that so many of us find familiar and oddly calming.  I like to worry about things I can’t fix.  But I really like it when I find another far less important thing to worry about that I can control.  This…

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