Folds With Mac

Ben Folds is a musician I particularly enjoy. I’ve written about him before. Folds is a gifted pianist, putting the thing back where it belongs as the best of all instruments in terms of flexibility. The Piano Forte it’s called, and for good reason. He’s a master. But, disclaimer for Folds and lyrics: kids, don’t use his swears.

Anyway, I took Mac (now 14) to see Folds at the Kalamazoo State Theater. We had a grand time celebrating his (Mac’s) birthday. His first concert, an artist that he, too, respects and emulates, and a chance to bump into Radio’s Ben Barnes and his wonderful wife. They sat in front of us because some people didn’t show up.

Most memorable is watching Mac enjoy the show. He snagged a tshirt from the merch table afterwards, which I hope will be a good memory-maker for him (at $30, it’d better make him be able to fly).

You dare photograph me during an especially memorable experience? For shame!

Folds, a consummate piano player, also knows his way around a drum set. The pianoforte is, after all, a percussion instrument. Yet the drums are not a pianoforte instrument. Interesting. Sort of.

No capo.

I’m so proud of Mac. He’s got a strong ear and appreciates good stuff. I love being his dad and watching him grow up, though I must remember that he is a boy who shaves and not quite a man yet. I’m ready for another year of him being and becoming, a true honor for me as a dad. I am not, however, ready for him to start driving a car.

Happy Birthday, Mac. Love you, buddy.

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