Chili & Hoodie Weather

The temperature has plummeted (relatively speaking) here in Southwest Michigan, and most of us are pretty happy about it being cooler than it was this summer. According to an official unofficial poll that I’ve been accidentally taking, 100% of respondents report that they love or really love this weather. I didn’t mean to collect this data, it’s just that people around me have voluntarily stated with frank assurance that they love this weather. Their love is fueled by either 1) hoodies or 2) the crisp air. It is interesting how we can converse with total strangers about weather. People in Florida spend most of their time between air conditioned spaces running for their lives from the variously oppressive heat, so they have only one thing to talk about — how hot it is — and there’s no point in bringing that up more than a few times a year. Here in Michigan, however, we have 3-5 opportunities per day to make small talk about the weather because it changes so much.

So, I made some chili. Here’s my recipe:

  • Darn Good Chili Mix (usta be a swear, but they changed it for the kids)
  • Pound of beef
  • Little can of jalapeños
  • Tomato Paste (does not taste like traditional paste)
  • A quart of Pico De Gaio
  • Whatever canned beans you want to add — even Busch’s tastes great
  • A small can of corn with added green and red peppers, drained
  • Several squirts (official unit of measure) of Sweet Baby Ray’s
  • Chili Powder
  • Brown Sugar
  • Chili Powder
  • Brown Sugar (balance to taste)
  • Maybe some oatmeal, if it’s too watery
  • Diced onion

Cooking directions: Make the chili.

The chili turned out pretty good. The only thing missing? A hoodie. No, not in the chili, but on my torso and heady. In fact, by my count, 5 of my hoodies are missing. That’s because I have a son who wears most of my clothes, including my shoes, and because he gives my hoodies to his friends. It’s fine.

Wherever you are, I hope you’re enjoying this fall day, especially if you’re in Florida.

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