Remembering Ross Perot

Today, between meetings and a walking lunch, I noticed that billionaire and former presidential candidate Ross Perot died.  Upfront confession: Ross Perot hasn’t crossed my mind in a long time.  Hearing the news brought a jumble of thoughts to my mind:

  1. Remember when presidential  elections were quirky and not stressful?  Ross Perot was quirky, eccentric, and had some good ideas.  He was fun.  He fully embraced his Ross-ness and didn’t care what we thought.  So we grinned.
  2. Because of my age at the time and the era of his campaign, the only reason I actually remember Ross Perot is because of a really funny impression on Saturday Night Live.  Like it or not, Dana Carvey burned a lot of historical “facts” into the minds of me and my compatriots.
  3. Self-made billionaires are fascinating because they have all the money they need, yet so many seem unfulfilled, or, at least, bored.  Bored enough to become president.
  4. H. Ross is like me, in that I’m R. Adam.  From there, our similarities diminish.

Every day is a gift.  Simply put, we do what we can with the time we’re given.   You and I probably won’t get media coverage when we pass.  How we live matters.  Who we trust and follow matters, because eternity matters.

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