I think I’ll live blog my birthday today. Mostly so that I can remember what happened the day I turned 39.

5am – woke up on the floor of my sisters house, where she lives with her husband, who also happens to be my brother-in-law. They have a child, who, as it turns out, is my nephew. At 5:07 AM, my sons fight because they bumped into each other in their sleep. The three of us spent the night here. Yesterday was a day of adventure with a trip to the Ford Rouge truck plant where the always outstanding F150 is built. That evening, we met sister and family in downtown Detroit and watched as Santa – actually one of Santas elves – threw the giant novelty switch for the Christmas Tree at Campus Martius. That should be blogged about later on.

Still waking up. Brother-in-law makes coffee. I drink the coffee. The day begins. I brush my teeth with my new toothbrush kit from dentist. Yeah, that’s right, I pay somebody to professionally clean my teeth. A subtle fuzz gives way to smooth enamel.

5:45a – Brother and I head to the gym for CrossFit. I ride the exercise bike as he and his mates exercise on an official CrossFit(tm) kit. I lifted yesterday, and my left arm and back feel angry for it. As an almost 40-year-old, I know better than to hurt myself.

6:32a – Andrew says happy birthday, reminding me that it’s my birthday.

7a – The exercise bike I’m riding is one of those that has the pedal powered fan, generating an invasive yet pleasant breeze in the nether regions, causing my shorts to billow in the most unfortunate way. “This is How We Do It” plays in the background. I think the plan is to go get some donuts after this. I peddle on.

7:45a – donut procurement. Knapp’s.

8:27a – Paco makes bacon, Andrew makes eggs. The donuts are a perfect appetizer.

8:30a – “39? That’s tall!” – nephew

9:19a – breakfast was delicious. Now to play Autobots with nephew!

9:41a – more coffee!

10:15a – my sister got me one of those chocolate orange things that you have to strike before you eat. It’s ok.

11:04a – playing TransFormers with Zac. SuperFun. He’s winning.

12:39p Lunch at Clubhouse BFD in Rochester. We ate in an outdoor biodome. No sign of Pauley Shore.

2:15p – on the way to the Big House…

3:15p – parked the car for 10 bucks, which isn’t bad. Walked the tracks to Michigan Stadium with the boys. Our first time in the Big House. The legend is true. The energy is overwhelming. Truly amazing.

4ish- Indiana wins the coin toss, gives Michigan the ball. Go Blue!

5:37p – this is an outstanding game. I have promised my son popcorn, also known as popped Maize in a blue box.

5:59p – D’oh Blue.

6:18p – Mac got a hotdog and a Coke, Zac got his popcorn, and Michigan is ahead. You’re welcome.

6:46p – Still a great game

6:56p – tonight’s attendance – 110,118. That’s over 200,000 mittened hands clapping together, a dull thud of a sound that is Pure Michigan.

8:40p – we walk to the tracks back to our $10 parking spot — the other win for the night — and hopped in the car and joined in the long winding serpentine headed out of Ann Arbor and back to the real world.

9:23p – us and about 60 other Michigan fans decide to stop at the McDonald’s in Chelsea, Michigan. By now, we have grown accustomed to traveling by herd.

11:10p – finally back home to Portage. All three of us Davidson men are tired, but can’t help but excitedly tell everybody here – Emily and her mom — all that we saw and did.

11:11p – Time for sleep. What a delightful birthday. I love my family so very much. This bday was highlighted by 48 hours with my sons as wonderful Emily and her mom held everything down back home. It’s a good thing Andrew and Sarah gave us those tickets to the Michigan game. That was probably one of the best experiences of my life.

It’s also a good thing I spent 15 minutes on an exercise bike this morning, since I’ve eaten approximately 7,000,000,000 mg of salt and have spent much of the day sitting in the car. I may skip weigh-in tomorrow as an early 40th birthday present.

It is good to be alive. Thank God for so many blessings, none of which I deserve. My prayer is that this 39th year will be one with Christ at the very center of my life.

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