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[RadCast] Advent #10 (Isaiah 61)

Injustice is upside down, so God comes to make justice upside up. The mission you and I are on today is joy!  

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Advent Snow

Snow imposes what Advent intends to do: slow us down, help us see things from a different light, live in the now and look forward in hope.  Peaking at 27 miles an hour on a freeway has a spiritual effect … Continue reading

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Dads: How To Help the Kids Christmas Shop For Mom

It’s that time of year when Dads like me have the unique job of helping the younger kids get Christmas gifts for their mom.  My kids are young enough to not have jobs but old enough to eat like grown … Continue reading

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[RadCast] Advent #8 (Mark 1:1-11

God’s Word always comes to pass, repentance is a key step in preparing for Christmas, and locusts/wild honey might be the yogurt topping you crave.

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[RadCast] Advent #8 (Isaiah 40)

God speaks hope to the wilderness. So… who’s in the wilderness to hear the message?

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Why Advent? Because it teaches us to wait…

Happy New Year!  Sunday, December 3, 2017 began Advent, which is the first season of the Church Year. Time flies, as we have all heard and perhaps experienced.  We use seasons to mark time: Fall, Summer, Winter, Spring.  We talk … Continue reading

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[RadCast] Advent #7 (Isaiah 40) Comfort… comfort…

Advent reminds us that God doesn’t leave us in our brokenness. God reaches out for us. He meets us in our intense spiritual discomfort and brings peace.

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