I am the Mario Generation

Our 8 year old Zac and I spend a few minutes each morning playing Super Mario World. I’ve had this particular SNES deck since high school, played it regularly in college — more than a few classes were missed because of Kirby’s Avalanche — and now my son and I bond over Mario.  If you’re wondering, it is indeed Zac who plays Mario and I Luigi.  As it turns out, I like Luigi over Mario 10 to 1.  Mario is a facade propped up by Luigi.  But nothing more to say on that right now.

A discernable refresh rate on our ancient lo-def TV

Here’s my favorite part of our 10 minute arcade escapade before school this morning.  Zac said “Dad, I like playing Nintendo with you because we bond over Mario.”  I said “Thanks, buddy!.”  He said “You grew up in the Mario generation.  I like that, Dad.”

What a good kid.  Dads: play old school Nintendo with your children.  You and I are, after all, the Mario generation.

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