New Year’s Day (Observed)

Two items of note:

1) Today is New Year’s Day [Observed]

2) Our Atomic Clock is suddenly 10 minutes slow

Because New Year’s Day fell on a Sunday, which we all agree isn’t a real day, its observance was transferred to the closest legitimate day, which, in this case, is Monday.  Sure, Sunday is a day, and it’s even the Lord’s Day, but then again they all are, right?  If God were only allowed to own one day of the week, He’s only a mid-level manager… born in a low-level manger (Christmas ba-doom jinglebells.)

The illegitimacy of Sunday is reinforced by Daylight Savings Time [Observed] which always falls on a Sunday, since that day doesn’t really exist in the chronoverse.  Sunday is time’s punching bag.

Now that I think about it, our trusty Atomic Clock, which receives its time from space (cue: David Bowie tribute), was off by 10 minutes on Sunday morning.  Where do 10 minutes go?  Are they Left Behind (cue: Kirk Cameron reference) in 2016?  Of all the clocks in our home, from oven to basement, from alarm clock to forgotten watch whose 1:00 AM alarm cannot be disabled, it is our bathroom clock that we most rely on as the Big Ben (cue: overt London clipart in Monty Python style.)  For SpaceClock to be wrong, even by a second and certainly by 600 of them (seconds, I mean,) is torturous to my sense of time elasticity.

I woke up Sunday after a good long sleep that stretched from about 9:30pm to 5am, which means I totally slept through the New Year’s ball drop.  One might say I dropped the ball on observing the New Year, but they shouldn’t.  I wasn’t sure it was 2017 until I checked my phone.

Thankfully, we’ve been given this fine Monday to let this all sink in.  Happy New Year!


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