Ripped From the Headlines (RFtH)

Here’s today’s TOP NEWS HEADLINES and spontaneous commentary:

Kremlin calls talk of Russian interference in US elections ‘absolute nonsense’


When I hear the word Krelmin, I think to myself “that’s what you get when you mix Kermit the Frog with a Gremlin.”  And you’re like “what kind of Gremlin?  The AMC vehicle or the 80’s Christmas movie kind?”  And I’m like “Yes.”


Trump picks Perry to lead Energy Department he once vowed to kill

I get the feeling we’re going to be reading headlines that include the phrase “he once vowed to kill” quite a bit in these coming years.


25 Best Christmas Movies of All Time: Elf starring Will Ferrell

Wait — so all 25 are summed up in this one movie?   And have you heard about how you can tour a house where A Christmas Story was filmed?  That’s pretty neat.  I’d do that, probably over meeting Will Ferrell.  Then again, he is a funny dude.  But those Bumpus hounds are pretty wily, too.