Baptism and the Angels

I had the privilege of witnessing two baptisms last Sunday at pfmchurch.  As always, a powerful time and a great celebration of God’s grace and call to full devotion in following Christ.  Baptism is a public confession, a dunking, right there in front of everyone, where the person getting baptized goes down under the water, only to come back out again (SPLAASH), all clean and new.  I mean, we don’t use shampoo or anything, though the water is chlorinated.  No, baptism is symbolic of a spiritual truth, of identifying with Jesus right down to the depths of death to self, only to rise again in new life.  That’s much much cleaner than any chemical could bring about.   This is an inside, eternal, soul-morphing experience which rearranges everything, even our identity.  As you can imagine, this is a holy, sacred moment which unites heaven and earth in a joyous celebration.  I’ve never seen it, but I would imagine that even the angels rejoice when this happens, flapping their wings and giving each other high-fives.  Perhaps my imagination is reaching on this one.  Perhaps not.



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