The Crown

I wore this crown at a meeting, but it was intended to make a point.  The picture was taken by someone at the table, and I’m unsure if it was for the sake of keeping a record or perhaps building a case for something more serious.

This crown has been in my care since college. I bought it at Target in Jackson, Michigan on November 1, 2000. The only reason I know the date is because it was on a post-Halloween clearance sale.  So I started wearing it around Ormston Hall and other select sites around the beautiful campus of Spring Arbor University.  Now, 15+ years later, I still keep it around, but mostly as a reminder of what I’m not (the King).  Jesus is the King, and I’m not.  Revelation has a pretty stark reminder of this eternal fact, where the throneroom of Jesus is littered with crowns in recognition and honor of the One at the center.  My crown, usually a mix of self-sufficiency and self-righteousness, has no business in the presence of Jesus.  In fact, it looks about as ridiculous as a clearance-sale Halloween costume.

Nonetheless, it’s a good reminder of who’s who.  Every day is another chance to take our crowns off, as an act of disobedience to our own selfish will and loving obedience to the King who gave Himself for us.

Your "Majesty"...

Your “Majesty”…

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