Ode to Hoodie

If you’re like me, you enjoy a good Hoodie.  Hoodies (AKA Hooded Sweatshrts, Huggies, Hoodrows) are about to become ubiquitous here in Southwest Michigan and areas with  a similar climate.  Hoodies keep us together — both individually and corporately — like no other item of clothing.  With a hoodie you can go to a party, a meeting, a store, a football game, a hike, and even change the oil in your Jeep.  I know that because I’ve done all of these and more whilst wearing a hoodie.  With their convenient hats and marsupial unipockets, hoodies are just another proof of intelligent design inspired by intelligent design.

This rainy day is only a prelude to a hoodie.  I remind all my fellow Michiganders (and Indianaites and Wisconsonians and Ohioans and THE Ohioans) to think now about your hoodie strategy, for lo, the autumn cometh.  Hoodie wants to be there, too.



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