Manton, Saturday PM

After making our way home from SkyLodge and spending a night in Portage, it was early afternoon that sent me rocketing north to Manton. I had time to stop at the Manton Truck Show, where  Freightligners and Peterbilts reign, with bumpers so shiny you could fix your hair (if you had some).  A bacon cheeseburger, only $4, made a handy meal as I walked around and took it all in. Out of the 100+ trucks on display, my favorite was a ’77 Freightliner, beige and tan and brown with an orange stripe — a period-accurate color scheme. 10-4?

I got to the campground and made my way to the grand and stately Evangelist Cabin. Not being grand and stately myself, I felt a little out of place!  It’s a very comfy space, and I only wish the rest of the fam could be here, since there’s plenty of room. Hospitality indeed. 

Then to the service. A solid and expectant worship time all around. God’s transforming presence was abundant. I am excited and even a little giddy about the week ahead. Hopefully it’s a sanctified giddy. 

Now we head into our Sunday morning worship time together. The story of Lazarus will be our narrative for this service. Our God is a God of miracles, of resurrection, of life. It’s surreal to see a man raised back to life, but the thing not to miss is that Christ was raised to life and offers the same to us. That’s the real miracle. 

I pray for my pfmchurch family as they gather to worship. Pastor Michael Brown, CEO of Kalamazoo Gospel Mission, will bring the Word. May our hearts continue to break over injustice and poverty, just like the Father. 

We had French toast sticks for breakfast. And someone said “you’re the Evangelist?  How old are you?  Twelve!?”  It was nice to have someone say that about my appearance and not my behavior. Smiley face. Smiley face indeed. 

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