Montello, Wisconsin

Mac and I spent a little time in the city of Montello, Wisconsin, which is the county seat of Marquette County and the home of Sky Lodge.  I have the privilege of speaking at their Family Camp this year.   The camp is great!  Mac said to me just a moment ago: “I love it here” and “I wish we didn’t have to leave in a few days.”  Always a good sign.  More on that later.

Montello is a neat little city.  We found a very unique lake with a stunning sky:

That's genuine WIsconsin sky there.

That’s genuine WIsconsin sky there.










We found a rickety yet inviting bridge:

You go first, son.

You go first, son.

The bridge held well and offered a fine view of the Fox River.


Then we found a cool alley with a curiously lofty door:


It won’t be long before he has to reach down to this doorknob.  They grow up so fast…


… but not too fast.  We found a really, really cool store called B&B’s Country Store:


Behold the innards of this magical place in a magical town:


Candy!  By the pound!

They also sell many a flavor of this Iced Cream that everyone is talking about:


Then we walked around the town of Montello.  Here, right at the center, is a superb example of American History well memorialized while still fully alive:


Remarkably clear water.  Remarkably hungry fish.  Angler pals: what kind are these?




Montello even has a neat little theater.  Would that we could, Mac and I would catch BFG at 7pm tonight.  I kinda have somewhere to be, though…


On the way back to camp, we found a vintage Pepsi machine.  Very cool!  How long has it been since they’ve used the sky blue paint color scheme?  As I look at this now, I’m not sure if it’s that they were selling pop or exposing a thief Pepsi machine to public humiliation, you know, as an example to the other vending machines to behave?  I might be overthinking it…


All in all, a fun and fine time in beautiful Montello!


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