Wisconsin, day 0.5

We finally crossed the state line, leaving Illinois behind and saying hello to WI. Having traversed the Great Lakes state, America’s Crossroads, and then the Land of Lincoln, we were ready for the next Union. A brief stop in Madison brought great joy –  there, in the refrigerator case, right front of the Arizona Iced Tea (Arnold Palmer), was a packet of cheese curds and sausage. This wasn’t some fancy local indigenous spot — unless that’s what they call Wallgreens here in Wisconsin. It was an agricultural treat indeed. 
As we drove north, the landscape became more dramatic. Red Barns, a mile away, surrounded by fields of green and deep blue skies dotted with tidy puffs of Sky Candy. It was like driving across desktop wallpaper. 

Now Mac and I are snagging a quick stop before we descend (or, probably, ascend) upon the camp. Tomorrow is day one. The sun seems different here. It’s beautiful.