Friday, June 17, 2016

I just finished cutting orange vegetables with a red knife as the sun pours evening illumination.  It is strange that sunlight makes its way down to our level as a last gesture of the day before disappearing entirely until the next (assumed) day.  Maybe we enjoy confusing dogs with suddenly disappearing tennis balls because that’s what the big glowing ball does to us each night.  Heaven has no need for the sun, since God’s glory supplies adequate light.  I’m still wowed by LED technology, but eternal illumination will be much more impressive indeed.

By the time I got home Lexi was already in bed for the night.  Like a responsible parent, I scooped her out of bed to tickle and hug. She’s back now, quite possibly asleep.  Like the sun, she’s just about gone for the night.

The carrots, by the way, are for eating.  They grew because of the sun.  Fascinating, God’s way.  He has a mysterious grace for everything… everything under the sun.

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