10 Ways to Keep It Complicated


Based on my own experience, here are 10 ways to make sure we’re keeping life as complicated and frustrating as we can:

  1. When it comes to decisions, especially big ones like who to marry or everyday decisions like how to spend your time wisely, be sure to rearrange your values and ethical principles according to each situation.  Whatever you do, don’t decide ahead of time what matters most.  
  2. Buy and keep as many possessions as you can.  Tip: If you run out of room, you don’t need less stuff — you need more square footage.
  3. Explore every option, even the bad ones, because you never know what you might miss.  YOLO!  
  4. Do everything you possibly can in a 24 hour period.  Say yes every opportunity to freely spend time, money, and energy.  Again – YOLO!!
  5. Only walk by faith in emergency situations and on holidays.  Keep faith on the shelf until needed.  
  6. Spare moments throughout the day should be spent comparing your life to others.  Tip: Facebook makes this super easy.  
  7. Out of frustration, set goals for 10 years from now, but don’t worry about any goals this week.  This week is just too packed.  
  8. Drift.  Sway with the wind.  That way, you can be in a state of constant surprise.  
  9. Self medicating — something to numb your heart a bit — may be required.  Just do whatever it takes.
  10. If you hear that still, small voice calling out to you, just keep moving.  All it wants you to do is slow down enough to see reality, and who needs that?  

Obviously, these are all terrible pieces of advice.  Yet… some hit especially close to home for me.  The spiritual discipline of simplicity is the practice of intentionally streamlining the stuff that’s within our control.  We do this so that we can enjoy the simplicity of life with God and each other, thereby avoiding the chaos that otherwise results.

I’m learning about simplicity.  And that’s a good thing, since I’m working on a sermon about the discipline of simplicity.   It’s not going to be easy, and it’s already a little too convicting.  But I suppose that’s a good sign.

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