Sunday Text Followups

These are most of the text messages I didn’t get around to on Sunday, February 21st at pfmchurch.

Title and author of book again please….

Celebration of Discipline by Richard J. Foster.  I read a portion of p.111 (in my edition) called The Freedom in Submission.

Less is more because it allows us to enjoy what we have

So true!  We’ll be talking about that in a few weeks when we talk about the spiritual discipline of simplicity.   I briefly referenced an article in the Wall Street Journal about how Public Storage facilities are becoming a HUGE moneymaker.  Nothing wrong with storing stuff, but it can get a little out of hand.  Simplicity simplifies.

Be sure to use the metronome in second service, too!

I did.  I’m not a rapper, so it made for a total of two awkward moments in one day.  Going with God’s rhythm instead of my own is exceedingly difficult but always right.

I just want to thank you for giving this lesson… this is just the lesson I needed…

Me too.  Sometimes I wonder if I’m supposed to preach stuff because it guarantees I’ll hear it 🙂

Nice pants

I like your new haircut

I like your shoes

These all came (and a few more) after I said something to the effect of not feeling the pressure to say/ask something profound.  I should not have been surprised, especially after giving all these as examples.

For one year I’ve been attending pfm… pfm has become a home for me and a symbol and sign of the freedom God has worked for me in this church.  Already I see major huge impact on my life and now I have found, follow, and becoming more like Jesus.

(I edited this a bit for clarity).   I’m super thankful to hear about God working like this and can only say Amen.

What’s the opposite of submission?

The opposite of submission is chaos.  Using the metronome theory, not submitting to the Father is like picking our own tempo and sticking to it.  The two beats — His perfect and correct beat against my imperfect and wrong beat — makes for confusion. Practically speaking, this plays out as pride and arrogance.  The most obvious cases are, well, obvious.  Oftentimes a lack of submission is subtle.  We give lip service to submission but choose opposition instead.  While it may not be perceptible in the moment, Jesus can easily call it out by the fruit we don’t but should produce.

Do people who don’t submit complain a lot?  How do you deal with them?

Well… I think people who don’t submit are often frustrated.  The root of their frustration (I’m speaking autobiographically) is that they can’t quite pinpoint why things feel off.  It could be as simple as a lack of submission.  Christ followers always run the risk of running on cruise control, only tapping on the brake when the unexpected obstacle appears on the horizon.

Very seldom are we in the position to call out someone’s lack of submission.  That job belongs to the Holy Spirit.  He’s quite good at conviction.  Interestingly enough, people who think they’re good at convicting others typically come across as complainers.  How ironic.  Again — speaking autobiographically, here.

What perfect songs for this week.  I will not walk in fear.  I will give God praise because He is greater.

Amen!  Especially after the tragic events that happened in Kalamazoo Saturday/Sunday AM.  Darkness seems strong but light always wins.





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