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Deer (a poem about hunting)

This is a bad time of year to be a deer.

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Fair Question: Why Did God Allow This?

Let’s start out by asking a fair question: if God is good, then why does He allow bad things to happen?  We (humans) have been asking that question for a long time.  Philosophers and welders both have wrestled with questions like … Continue reading

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I don’t remember why or whose bike it was, but for some reason I was riding around the neighborhood on a 10 speed with rams horn handlebars wrapped in perforated leather that was once soft white turned grey and brittle.  The gear selector levers … Continue reading

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Support Your Local Bookstore

I’m not sure if you read the news or not, but Amazon just opened an actual brick and mortar bookstore.  I don’t mean Amazon (the River) or Amazon (the Marvel Supervillain).  I mean Amazon (the online retailer that some people … Continue reading

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Behold: The Power of Forgetting the Past

Paul wanted to forget about what he did because what he did was really bad.  He watched as a crowd led by religious leaders murdered Stephen, a follower of the Way who was so full of the Holy Spirit that his last … Continue reading

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