Unrealistic Expectations – How BTTF has shaped our cinematic view of the future. 

I’ve been enjoying today’s posts and remarks about how the back to the future predictions have turned out to be so utterly disappointing, either because they were inaccurate or because we don’t have our hover board, etc. 

If you think about it, we put a lot of pressure on a movie — an artistic expression which never claimed any other purpose but entertainment. 

What if we put the same pressure on other movies of that genre? Movies that predicted the future and were completely off? And then we post our disappointment memes of dehydrated food and dog walking robots and flying cars?

In the spirit of cinematic equity, I present the following predictions from several other futuristic tv shows and movies:

Where is my apartment on a pole kept clean by a snarky New Jersey robot maid? (the Jetsons)

Speaking of bots, where’s my robotic police force and overplasticed Ford Taurus police cruisers?  (RoboCop) 
Where are my long haired blue people?  (Avatar)
Last time I checked, the Statue of Liberty didn’t have any sand by her, let alone enough to cover her completely. (Planet of the Apes) 
Has Arnold Schwarzenegger ever said “I’ll be back quote and meant it? (Terminator) (Governor)

Should we swap our color monitors for black and green DOS screens? (The Matrix)

I look forward to the return of  John Candy, using whatever biological/genetic means are necessary. Mix mammals if you must. (Spaceballs)

Well… we simply don’t know what tomorrow brings. But, no matter what happens, it’s good to know that God will be present. There are many variables, but He isn’t one of them.

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