Tall People & Swimming

I’ve been thinking about how swimming is kinda “eh…” to me, and I realized why: I never really had to.  As a tall child, I was never foot-far from the bottom of the pool.   I recently saw this firsthand at a hotel where the final depth was not quite 5 feet.  Our oldest son was, thanks to the power of tippy-toes, able to walk from one end to the other.  Swimming was optional for his survival but not mandatory, thank in part to a recessive gene on his mother’s side which makes him a bit tall for his age.  Or it could be my DNA.  Either way, he and I had the same experience with a variance of only 25 years.  Today I can swim, and I do swim, but I don’t really feel the need to swim because, well, I never did.  The bottom was always there for me and I hope it always will be.

Those of you who find yourselves of an average height, don’t worry.  The scales tip your way whenever you walk through a basement without ducking and without pain.  Pipes that seem miles away to you are at eye level for us.  I live in a world designed for people who are 73% my size.  Whether I’m buying a pair of shoes or a car, I start not with style or choice but with availability. Velcro?  Welll… not my first choice, but let’s try it anyway.  And by the way: that’s me car shopping.  

About radamdavidson

I'm a husband, dad, and pastor living in Portage, Michigan. I suppose I'm a euphoric melancholy generalist with average skills, experiences, and passions across several intertwined disciplines and hobbies including music, speaking, writing, leadership, ministry, and collecting cultural artifacts from the 1980's -- mostly vintage boomboxes. You can read my blog at www.radamdavidson.com, subscribe to my podcast (RadCast) or friend me on facebook.com/radamdavidson. about.me/radamdavidson
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