Record Store Risky Purchase: Teraphonic Overdubs by Chris Joss

I make it a practice to support our local record shops here in Kalamazoo, MI, be it Satellite Records or Green Light Music.  Browsing helps.  Buying something helps, too, so I make it a practice to buy something whenever I stop.  Thankfully both places have used albums, so a $2.99 vinyl or $4.99 CD is usually not beyond the budget.  I’ve even gathered up loose change from the truck’s cup holders and bought a few $1 bargain bin deals.  Rarely have I been disappointed.

Yesterday’s visit to Satellite, instinctively nestled in the Portlandia-ish Vine Neighborhood of Kalamazoo, brought a used CD to the deck: Teraphonic Overdubs by Chris Joss.  I was initially drawn by the album art and kept on the line by the promise of instrumental overdubs.  I went for it.  Zero regret.  Still listening now.

Instrumental music is critical to my workflow.  I can’t listen to people sing because I zero in on the words and start typing what they’re saying.  Orchestral music doesn’t work because it always brings me back to my band days (Trumpet) and my conducting days.  Plus, the dynamics are wide and tall like a Dagwood sandwich.

Teraphonic Overdubs is a little urban, a little Ravi Shankar, a smidge of Austin Powers.  It gets 4 out of 5 stars on the Amazon.  I give it 5 out of 5.  You can listen to a piece here or via the YouTube:

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1 Response to Record Store Risky Purchase: Teraphonic Overdubs by Chris Joss

  1. That is kewl, I however, prefer a nice smooth Jazz as my background music of choice. Man, you and my oldest brother would get along great when talking about music. He started with clarinet I believe in Elementary and then went into high school bands and his own rock bands. My younger brother the same only started with a saxophone. They both learned guitars and away they went. Ron tho, he learned keyboard, bass, lead, rhythm, drums, sax and so on. His band did make a record and were to be on the Mike Douglas show, but shortly before the date, the band had a tiff and broke up and so the record, even tho it played locally, never made it national nor did they make their tv appearances. He was in a few bands after that once he moved to GR but nothing got serious. He has a bedroom in his house that is dedicated to his music and instruments. He had his house busted into and some valuable guitars were stolen and with the ins money he went and bought some others but said he would trade it all in for the ones that were stolen. Or one particular one, I can’t quite remember. Anyways… you two could have a field day convo on just music… now if he would just get his faith in Jesus back we’d be all set.
    Take care!! Thanks for the demo!

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