Top Ten Reasons You’re Ready for Them To Go Back to School

Listen, I love my kids.  I also love my wife — a great mom who loves our kids but is ready for school to start before things get ugly.  Here are some sure signs it’s time for those School days, school days… dear old golden rule days to begin again:

10. They’re asking you to read the opening credits for them on every show.

9. Breakfast consists of miscellaneous cereal chunks swept from the shelves of the pantry.

8. You’ve found yourself praying that they don’t do so hot academically next year, thus raising the chances for summer school.

7. Bed time and wake time have totally switched places.

6. One of them actually said “what’s that pointy thing with the line through it?” while looking at the letter A.

5. Sly comments like “dinner is good, but not as good as school pizza…”

4. Couch has a concave 4th grader shape to it.

3. Reminiscing about Trapper Keepers leads to a feeling of despair, which is the opposite of what a Trapper Keeper should do.

2. You’ve started packing lunches with customary notes that say “can’t wait!”

1. Even the cat rolls her eyes when they say they’re bored.

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