StayCation day 4

A portmanteau is a blending of two individual words to communicate an efficient relational context.  A motel is a hotel for motorists.  When someone says ginormous, they’re smooshing gigantic + enormous.  As it turns out, we’re on a vacation of defiance.  Most people leave town for their vacations.   We’re staying put.  Stay+cation is an efficient way of explaining why we’re still here.  It’s because of portmanteau.

By the way, you’re more than welcome to read about Day 3, Day 2, and Day 1 if you want.

Day Four

Visited: Menards

Experienced: 20% off of everything.  The store is closing.

Said aloud: You can buy a price check stand for $10, but where do you check the price?


Visited: The Root Beer Stand, Portage

Experienced: a half-gallon of Root Beer, Curiously low prices (no complaints, though)

Said aloud: Can you roll your window up a little bit?


It’s true.  Today was a slow day.  Lots of time in the backyard and laying low.  A good staycation.

Day 5 will naturally follow day 4

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