StayCation day 3

Our family is on vacation.  Our nifty plane was without foodservice and flotation devices because our plane is actually a 2002 Ford Expedition that flies.  I mean, rusts.   That’s right: Michigan.  Why travel abroad when there’s so much to see right here?  Don’t hassle us!  We’re local.

Day Three:

Visited: Reality, as I checked email

Experienced: Disorientation, like when you start binge watching something on Netflix from episode 8 or 9

Said aloud: I’m on vacation (like Dr. Leo Marvin from What About Bob?)


Visited: A very nice local hotel with a pool, left almost entirely to ourselves

Experienced: Relief that our boys are not yet picky enough to realize they’re sleeping on a sofa bed

Said aloud: Marco?


Visited: Old Mill Brewpub & Plainwell Ice Cream

Experienced: An entertaining waiter who joked with the boys that they “ran out of food” — which was funny to everyone over age 9.

Said aloud: I can’t believe how cold it is! (the air temperature & the ice cream)

Day 4 will naturally follow day 3

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