StayCation day 1

Our family is going on vacation. We’re visiting beautiful Southwest Michigan. We’re staying at the Where We Live-Inn, dba Where We Livin’.  All the sites that draw others to this place will draw us, too. It’s not often that a tourist pamphlet can convince someone that it’s worth a 20-minute drive. We’d usually rather drive a day. 

We need tee shirts that read Don’t hassle me. I’m on vacation. 

Day One

Visited: Studio Grill, downtown Kalmazoo. 

Experienced: excellent food : stuffed hamburgers. 

Said aloud: That was good / do you validate parking?


Visited: The Kalamazoo Valley Hands On Museum 

Experienced: the joy of consistency, Tinker Toys

Said aloud: well, you’re not supposed to put your hands on that / what school has a field trip before school starts?


Evening Movie: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2014)

Takeaway: Family fun movie, but hard to take Gob Bluth seriously. 


Day 2 will naturally follow day 1

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