August Pledge

I’ve noticed that the month of August, like so many of our fine months, is a good month to do things. One friend of mine is avoiding all social media this month, which means that they won’t see this until September. Another friend is listening only to soft rock this month, as an homage to someone they miss (certainly not Paul Simon.) August seems to be an ideal month to take a different track, to mark an occasion, to shift behavior, all with the hopes of being in better shape come Fall.

The intercloud is chock full of inspirational stories of August pledges and anti-shennanigans. This month is perfetly shaped for such audacious (minor) changes in lifestyle and discipline. Some outstanding stuff out there. Really! As in, I really wish I had read these ideas in July.

I regret not doing something this August. Durn it! I could’ve done something really cool, too. One week in just seems too late, as if I jumped into Dr. Who around season 5, totally lost and without context. Tar-dis?

Ah. You there: a question?

Yes… thank you, Adam. Why not just observe August in September?

That’s a great question. My short answer goes like this: September is too busy. The kids are back in school. The football has palces to go. Rake selection is a big thing where I live. I simply can’t imagine doing something in September that clearly belongs in August. Thank you for your question.

Another? Yes, you?

Why not just start now? Sure, we’re a week in, but isn’t it better to have three solid weeks of something cool than four solid weeks of nothing?

I appreciate your thought and I assure you that this was considered several times within the last few minutes. But… checking again… no: my pride won’t allow it. How can I boast about how I did something for a whole month when deep down I know it was 77% of a month? That’s a mathematically incomplete month, which dishonors every letter in the title. What you might call “August” I would call “Augu” with a little half-s at the end. And a half-s approach is no good.

Oh. Another question. Yes?

Long time listener, first time caller — audience laughter from everyone over 36 — what would you do if you could go back to August 1?

Wowzers. Here goes:

  1. Avoid social media
  2. Watch whatever Netflix recommends (saves hours of searching)
  3. Run every day. It helps to pretend something is chasing me
  4. Dance like no oneis watching
  5. Watch like no one is dancing
  6. Listen to all music — via 8-track tape only
  7. Try a new food every day, like thistles (Eeyore’s always eating them)
  8. Rock climb in every state: Flat Delaware, you’re first!
  9. Dig a hole in the back yard and continue digging until something is found
  10. Milk crates, then go back to cows

These are just ideas, mind you.

I don’t get number ten.

Neither do I. Welp. Here’s to next August!

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