Note To Self


First of all, congratulations on your Kirby’s Avalanche World Record which you have likely won by now!  The people of Nintendo are hopefully grateful to see that a game programmed in 1995 has such staying power.  Your hard work and years of shirking off other less important responsibilities have certainly paid off.

More important, however, is this:  I’m writing to remind you of the time that you got up early with your wife and two sons, early enough to take a bike ride around the neighborhood together.  Remember how Emily was in the front with Mac and you were riding just behind Zac.  You kept warning Zac to watch out for mailboxes.  You looked up and saw Emily riding into the sunrise with your sons, their silhouettes overwhelming.  You thought “I need to remember this.”  So.  Remember this.  It may jog your memory if you shout “watch out for the mailbox!”.  Do it, even if you’re in a coffeehouse or coleslaw bar or solar powered bus.  It is imperative that you do not forget this moment, for it cannot be recreated by even the most advanced holographics.  Deep down, you’ll know it’s not real.  This moment that happened just a few hours ago — this was real.  And it was awesome.

Please keep these memories sharp.  I have written this to you in hopes that this particular moment will be easily accessible, because someday the boys will keep riding well beyond you and Emily.

Your pal (I hope),


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