100 Years Until The Robots

Stephen Hawking predicts that we’ve got about 100 years until the Robots take over. [link]


“Computers will overtake humans with AI at some within the next 100 years. When that happens, we need to make sure the computers have goals aligned with ours.”

That raises an interesting question for all of humanity: what are our goals?  Do we have a singular monolithic list?  Discuss.

And what about all things theological?  Set within the framework of the Story, where Jesus will return and make all things new, what role if any does technology play?  I remember hearing a pastor over 20 years ago imagine that Jesus would use CNN to spread the word that He’s back.  In retrospect, I believe that pastor was inspired by a Phil Hartman/David Spade skit from SNL where the same thing happens.  Or doesn’t.  [this is where I would put the youtube link if I could find it]

As some commenters on the story have already pointed out… is Stephen Hawking really an expert on this?  He knows more than I do, most certainly.  Do we classify this as a scientific postulation or the prediction of a fortune teller?  Though Hawking knows a thing or million about physics, I’m thinking that a 100 year countdown to our robot-inflicted demise is about as likely as my family vacation to the Holiday Inn, Moon Colony, slated for Spring 1974.  Have you seen the book?

A favorite childhood book, printed in the cold war era, preserved on Grandma's shelves for my reading.

A favorite childhood book, printed in the cold war era, preserved on Grandma’s shelves for my reading.

yes... but is the rent reasonable?

yes… but is the rent reasonable?

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