Mother’s Day 2015

We had a great Mother’s Day at DavidsonHaus.  The morning at pfm was good ol’ Jesus party complete with some child dedications.  Though it probably sounds cultish, and understandably so for people who aren’t normally around church, a child dedication is an act of the parents to say we want to raise this child in the ways of Jesus — in love, grace, and truth.  It also symbolizes the role of the congregation in joining with the family in their mission as parents.  Lastly, it’s a chance for the infant to leak personal fluids on the pastor, which didn’t happen this time.

After church we all found ourselves at home.  To “celebrate” Mother’s day, I took a nap and slept so long that I had to be convinced that it was still the same day.  Then Emily — the Mother of highest celebration in DavidsonHaus — got some time to just be.  This was, mind you, after she spent days cleaning up various disasters in our busy home.  Every room felt like a FEMA situation.  I was surprised not to see Zac standing with a bullhorn, declaring a state of emergency while putting out the call for federal aid.  Since early Saturday, Emily, superhero, Tasmanian devil, and spunky firecracker all rolled into one, made spic ‘n’ span of our domicile.  That’s the kind of person she is.  So, when it came to Mother’s day, the kids made cards and breakfast in bed which was basically Captain Crunch, both in the bowl and sticking to the cards.  But the afternoon/evening was all about uninterrupted rest for her while we tried not to wreck the place again.

Emily is a wonderful wife and mother.  Today everyone got on facebook and talked about their moms, and I said my thing about my mom yesterday.  But today I want to talk about my kid’s mom and say that Emily is, hands down, the best.   She is tender yet strong, firm yet fun, and the perfect mate to raise our children with.   I am a blessed man, and I count it a privilege to watch her be a great mom every day.

I forgot to mention it this morning at churchy, and maybe it’s for the best, but I did think of an acrostic for MOTHER.  So… to all who are in such a vital role:

M is for, well… MOTHER.  It’s your day.

O is for OTHER, because that’s who you’re usually taking care of: everyone else.

T  is for THER, as in I put your shoes over THER so no one would trip on them.

is for HER, because, again, where would we be with out Her?

is for ER, which is where you drove us when we got that Lego piece jammed so far up our left nostril that the doctors seriously considered rectal extraction.

is for Rrrrrrrr, which is what Pirates say, like this:

Motherrr, I’m going off to steal gold from other ships. Rrrrr!

Well, son… don’t forget to wear clean underwearrrrr!  

Happy Mother’s Day!

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