Why I’m (“not”) getting the Apple Watch

There’s an article out today that says the über expensive Apple watch is surprisingly cheap to manufacture.  Even at an estimated cost of only $84 per manufactured unit, I think Apple is doing exactly what we have come to expect them to do, namely, make a bunch of money on their stuff.  It only adds to the irony.  The Apple Watch is designed to make our convenience technology less inconvenient, given that the big selling point of the aWatch is the fact that you don’t need to reach into your pocket to get your iPhone to see who, exactly texted you or what game your fb friend is inviting you to ignore.  It’s funny. If you really think about it.

Phase 1: buy technology you cannot live without.

Phase 2: buy more technology to help you deal with the technology you’re exhausted by.

Phase 3: AppleGlasses make it so that you don’t have to lift your wrist anymore (2019).

The outlay of cash is too risky for my watch needs.  To put it plainly, my wrists are about the same size as your ankles, so I need a watch that gets around my wrist, which is the whole point.  I also need a watch that my hotdoggish fingers can use, which is also a key component of its functionality.

Of course I will get an Apple Watch someday, probably from the same place I bought my first Apple TV a few months back.  Goodwill.

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