Every Day (a personal mission statement non-manifesto)

tumblr_nihvr8dsoS1qz8z2ro1_500I have to do this thing for a thing I’m doing where I come up with a personal mission statement.  I’ve done this before, the whole mission statement thing.  You know.  Stuff like:

I will exploit my core competencies to maximize personal organizational impact


I exist to continually go from Good to Great® 


My Purpose is to Periodically Emphasize Sour Cream & Onion Flavoring

and so forth…

but I now realize that there’s more weight in the aggregate of little things than there is in the big stuff.  What kind of husband does Emily need?  What kind of dad do my kids need?  How can I best be a good brother?  A friendly friend?  A pastoral pastor?  All of this is comprised of a bunch of little interchanges.  Do we become?  Or do we be?  And by being, do we become?  Not who will I be but rather who am I and is this the right person for the task?  Seems like a mission statement should be focused on others, since that seems to be why I’m here. I prefer it this way, actually.

I don’t have the mission statement figured out yet, but I do have some ideas.  Until then, I will enjoy every day until I finally land on my Personal Mission Statement or “PMS”.  Wait, no…  I need to come up with a BA (Better Acronym).

How about

I exist to generate TSAP, which, as you may know, stands for Time Saving Acronym Patterns.  

Nah.  I looked it up.  Turns out Jack Welch used this one briefly in 1989.  Back to the drawing board…


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