Portage Free Methodist (pfmchurch) launched 3rd service in September 2014.  Now, 7 months in, we see God using it in amazing ways. Though the attendance has held steady, we haven’t seen it exceed 50 people very often, and we knew that it needed to be into the 50s to sustain itself. Nonetheless, considering its infancy and non-traditionaleeting time (12noon), it has so very much potential, and here’s why:

  1. Interactive style. People text & sometimes verbally respond during the message, which is the same as 1st and 2nd in content but different in style. 
  2. Simple music. Compared to the lionish music of the 2nd service band, the acoustic vibe is the coolness of a cat. 
  3. Laid back. Not that we take ourselves too seriously in the other services, but the whole thing is very relaxed YET purposeful in that we take the presence of Jesus very seriously.

There have been times in 3rd service where the Holy Spirit has been especially present and at work in very unique ways. Each pfm service has that — including the 12noon.  

If you live in Portage/Kalamazoo, consider third service.  Or the 9am, with the celebratory hymns. Or the 10:30am, with the rock’n’drive.

Three Services, One Church. 

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